Celebrating Poland's Independence 1918-2018

Click here for "A Brief History of Poland's Road to Independence"

                             Selected photos from the day

Singing of the National Anthems of Australia & Poland
               Polish Ex-Servicemen's Standard                Polish Cavalry 1800's

    Re-enactment of Independence Day            Re-enactment of Independence Day
           November 11, 1918

           Some of our performers 

                           Special Guests 

                    PCA Members and Friends in attendance on the special occassion                                         

                       Members of the "Krakowiak" Dance Ensemble                                      


 Special Guests:
 Cr Eddy Kontlj
 Mrs Christine Couzens MP
 Cr Peter Murrihy, 
 Deputy Mayor

      President and Secretary of the PCA with Special Guests

                 Henry Szkuta (Secretary) &
 Brzostowski (President)