The Committee encourages regular patrons to become members of our Association and to enjoy the full benefits of being a member of the Polish Community Association in Geelong (PCAG).  



The Rules of the PCAG specify FOUR categories of membership:

  • Ordinary Membership. Only members who are of Polish descent or who are spouses of such members      can become Ordinary Members. Such members can attend and vote at any general meeting of members and can be elected or seconded to serve on a PCAG Committee.
  • Associate Members: Members who are NOT of Polish descent and are NOT spouses of members who are Ordinary Members can join the PCAG as Associate Members. Such members will enjoy the same rights and privileges as Ordinary members but cannot to elected or be seconded to serve on a PCAG Commiittee.
  • Social Members: Any person can apply to be a Social Member of the PCAG. Such members will enjoy the same rights and privileges as all members but cannot be elected or be seconded to serve on a PCAG Commiittee and cannot attend or vote at any general meetings of members.
  • Honorary Life Members: This is a special category of membership which is bestowed on any person who has made a special contribution to the Association. They will have all the rights and responsibilities as have Ordinary Members.
  • Sporting Members: They have the same rights and access to all Club facilities as the above three groups but are not able to vote. 
  •  Eagle Members: They have access to all Club facilities but are not able to vote or attend the Club’s general meetings and they do not pay annual membership subscriptions.

As a member you will be entitled to receive promotional mail, including PCAG Newsletters and enjoy other benefits as decided by the Committee, such as dscounts on drinks and the hire of the function facilities free of charge once a year


If you are already a member, you are reminded that your membership renewal must be paid before 1st July each year. Joining fees and membership renewals can be paid at the Bar on any day.