100 Years of Polish Independence

Celebrating Poland's Independence 1918-2018


One hundred and forty members of the Geelong Polish community and their friends from the broader Geelong community celebrated the 100th Anniversary of Poland regaining its independence on 11th November, 1918. Among the special guests who attended were:
The Deputy Mayor, Cr Peter Murrihy, and Cr Eddy Kontelj with his wife, Maria. Also in attendence were Mrs Christine Couzens, Geelong Member of Parliament and her guest, Anne Morrison, our solicitor Mrs Mag Kearney and her husband, Frank Viola, representatives fro the Mercury Group, Mr David Baldi and his wife, Marj Gorman and Mr Mick Kelly.

All Guest were entertained by our Theatre Group who did a re-enactment of Poland's road to Independence with readings from the speeches of General Pilsudski and popular songs of that period. 

We are very grateful to the Geelong Advertiser for publishing a collage of photographs taken on that day at the White Eagle House.

(For more photos and a brief history of Poland's struggle for Independence, Click 

Photographs below are from the "PEOPLE" Section of the Geelong Advertiser